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7 Front Door Decorating Ideas for instant Fall Curb Appeal – BetterDecoratingBibleBetterDecoratingBible

The advantages of container roses are obvious: on the one hand, you can still plant them in the middle of summer, and on the other hand – depending on the season – you can see the flower not only on the label, but in the Original. In addition, you already get an idea of the growth form of the variety when shopping. You can already put the roses together in the nursery with other plants such as perennials and grasses and try combinations. The right planting distances can also be better estimated with blooming container roses. Rootless roses are often planted too densely out of inexperience. Thanks to the well-rooted pot Bale, container roses continue to grow easily after planting and already have a certain growth advantage over Root-naked goods.

Roses like air and light. Here you should not compromise and do your container roses good with the choice of a sunny, wind-blown location. With regard to the soil factor, there is the following to consider: particularly often flowering varieties need a great deal of nutrients and therefore prefer rich, sandy-loamy soils with a high humus content. Sandy garden soil should be improved. It is also important that no soil compaction prevents the Rose from growing its long roots deep down. Therefore, make sure to break up compaction before planting to a depth of one Meter. And: never plant roses under the crowns of big big trees. The drop at these locations forces even the most robust ADR Rose to its knees.

Recognize good quality
When shopping, pay attention to good plant quality. Only healthy, vigorous roses can get off to an optimal Start. Container roses should have at least three to four strong shoots, which originate as directly as possible from the grafting site. The more basic shoots, the better and more compact the later structure of the plant. A good container Rose stands in a pot with a minimum volume of two, better three liters and is characterized by a good rooting of the Bale. Do not buy container roses that have not yet sufficiently rooted through the pot. The Bale must not disintegrate if you pull it out of the pot. You should also keep your fingers out of roses that show a disease attack on their shoots or leaves.

If you missed the classic planting season for roses in autumn, you can fall back on potted plants, the so-called container roses, in spring and summer. We will show you what you should consider when planting your roses.

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