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This grapevine clay saucer bird bath or bird feeder is made of an 18 grapevine, 12 clay saucer and twine hangers. A plastic ring is used at top for easy hanging. It is great for any outdoor area ie: tree, shepherds hook, patio, apartment, nursing home window etc. Great for anyone,

From metal box to flower pot
Whether as a vase or plant pot: the reuse possibilities of canned food, beverage cans and Co.are manifold. The cans are durable and can be individually designed, which is why they are far too bad for the garbage can. If the metal cans are converted into a flower pot, you should definitely drill a few holes in the ground so that the water can drain off.

Planters made of Tetrapacks
Milk or juice bags belong to the typical household waste. But also Tetrapacks can be easily upcycled to the planter and are especially suitable for smaller plants such as herbs and flowers. So why not just grow easy-care kitchen herbs such as basil, chives or rosemary in the empty milk bag? First, the milk or juice bags must be rinsed thoroughly. Then cut the Tetrapack as desired, a few holes in the ground and the planter is ready.

Planters from yogurt cups
Whether for preferment of tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables or as a permanent home of cress and herbs: yogurt cups do not have to end up in the garbage immediately, but can get a new task. Here, too, the following applies: wash out thoroughly and make holes in the soil so that the water can drain off. If seedlings are pulled, the yogurt cups should be covered with a foil. As soon as the seedlings are seen, the foil is pricked with a fork so that air gets to the young plant. The money you save in this way can be invested in high-quality seeds, for example.

Planters made of plastic bottles
Of course, all kinds of plastic bottles are also suitable as planters and vases. Not every plastic bottle is a reusable bottle, so why not make something useful out of the disposable product? Simply cut the bottle to the desired size. The resulting sharp edge can be smoothed a little with a lighter. Drill holes for draining the watering water, the planter is ready!

Planters made of plastic bags
Plastic bags are known to be a big Problem that needs to be tackled. Why not start at home and convert the plastic bags into a planting bag? With a fork or screwdriver, insert enough holes in the bottom of the plastic bag for draining water. Now all you have to do is fill in the soil and put in a plant of your choice.

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