Spring Door Decorating Ideas – Thistlewood Farm, #Decorating #door #farm #flowergardenideasi…

Spring Door Decorating Ideas – Thistlewood Farm, #Decorating #door #farm #flowergardenideasinfrontofhousefarms

Breathes new life into packaging waste: why not simply make planters from old plastic bottles, cups or tin cans instead of disposing of them in the trash can as usual?

All day long we throw things away: food scraps, plastic, paper. No wonder that we Germans are among the largest waste producers in Europe. According to the Federal Statistical Office, more than 400 kilos of waste have been generated per capita every year since 2010. The strong increase in packaging waste, usually consisting of plastic or cardboard, ensures that our waste mountain is getting bigger and bigger. Whether we like it or not, we are part of a throwaway society. Therefore, it is important not to dispose of things in the dustbin right away, but simply to give them a new task. We introduce you to seven of them.

Seedling pots from toilet paper rolls
Usually the cardboard rolls of toilet and kitchen paper, just like newsprint, end up directly in the waste paper. They are a cost-effective Alternative to purchased planters for everyone. Newsprint can easily be converted into so – called“ Paper Pots ” – and cardboard rolls can also serve as compostable planters. The cardboard rolls are simply cut to the desired size, put in a growing bowl and filled with growing soil. When the seedlings have rooted the soil, the rollers can simply move into the bed, as they rot in the soil. If the rolls are very soft, they can also be easily detached from the root ball and may be disposed of. For a soil in the plant pot, first press the cardboard roll flat to get an edge. Then press the roll flat in the opposite direction. This creates a square shape. Now the cardboard roll is cut approximately one centimetre at each edge and the edges, similar to a moving cardboard, are folded over. Now the cardboard jar can be filled with soil and seedlings of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and Co.find their place in it. As a rule, the plant pots hold in normal water until the first repotting or resettling in the bed.

Growing in egg carton
A lot can be made from egg cartons, for example a free growing container for seedlings. Simply cut off the lid and place the lower part in the lid. Now fill the Earth into the recesses of the egg carton and put the seeds into the Earth. The wells are then carefully watered or sprayed with water and placed in a bright location. If you want, you can wrap the egg carton with foil or convert it into a Mini-greenhouse with an old plastic packaging of grapes or tomatoes, for example. Make sure that excess water can drain. As soon as the seedlings are large enough, you can either Pique them or cut apart the egg carton and place the small plants with the carton in the Earth.

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